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Not Sure Where to Start?

The Alberta Mentorship Program is designed to support a culture of mentorship in Alberta and to make it easier to start a career mentorship program. We want you to feel connected to the resources and people that are at the heart of our growing mentorship culture in Alberta.

Everything you find on the AMP website, YouTube and social media channels is created for you to use & share.

Check out our AMP Resource Guide.

We want you to start where you are, whether you are starting your program from scratch or building up a current program. You will find information and tools to help you create a mentorship program that works for your clients and your organization. The guide groups resources according to topics and links you to resources available on our website including:

  • Articles about program design
  • Articles to support new mentors and mentees
  • Articles to show how mentorship can help employers
  • Printable PDF forms ready for your program to use
  • Forms in Word format that you can customize for your purposes.

Create a Mentorship Program

Are you ready to create a mentorship program in your community? Contact us to start the process.